What To Do...

I was blog hopping and found http://tinniegirl.blogspot.com/ in which she challenges you to write a list for the new year.
I entered the challenge but will post my list this weekend when I can really think about it : )
I usually write a daily list filled with errands, appointments, miscellaneous...I feel really good when I check off each item on the list.
I am looking forward to checking off some bigger things this year
that will make our home
happier and cozier! : )
I made this collage a few years ago with my students. I was looking at the picture of it today and realized I still loved the words and pictures I cut out so I am going to use it for inspiration....
Check out tinniegirl's blog if you too want to create a special list this year!


  1. Thanks for the link~ have fun making your list~I could actually just refer back to last years....lol!
    ♥ E

  2. Your welcome! I know! I am sure I have many repeats as well!
    I do like the accountability of posting it! : )