Happy New Year!

I don't know who said this, but as you can see, I painted this saying years ago, but never have the heart to throw it away when I start sorting through my things.
So today I hung it up, all crinkled as it may be.
I know how true this statement is and I hope this new year I make the most of my free time and tap into, more passionately, my creativity.
To all the blogs I love to pour over with my cups of tea, thank you for your inspiration !
Wishing you a blessed, happy creative New Year!!

Feeling at home with some things from England

My day started out with Pillsbury Cinnabon rolls...not really homemade, but does the trick in a hurry before a morning of sledding for my man/boy son : )

This is one of my most favorite gifts this Christmas. My beloved Cath Kidston sewing basket!
Thanks to my sister who ordered it directly from England : )
I plan on filling it with lovely notions and will keep you updated on new projects : )
For Christmas, I purchased a Country Living magazine from UK for my sister-in-law, because I had been teased for being a bit reluctant to give away my beloved magazines on the day we came together for our Sewing Saturday when she and my sister came to my home laden down with gifts for me!
So, I found the last Christmas Edition of British Country Living at Borders and gave it to her on Christmas. I quickly flipped through the pages and thought of how much I would looovvvveee to read it with a cup of tea....but wanted to prove that I too can part with those things I hold dear....
My mom and friend Sue gave me some money to do something for me for Christmas, so instead of putting it towards a bill, I went to Border's today and bought a cup of coffee and British Edition of Country Living. The Christmas edition was gone but the January issue was there. I love this magazine! I then decided that I am going to treat myself all year with a monthly delivery from England.
This ad was so cute...I posted the Loop's blog on the side where all my favorite blogs are listed.
I hope you are having a cozy day today and are finding things in your life to make you smile : )

Doughnut Shop

I took one last picture of the student's pincushions before I passed them back. I just love them!!

My new (Old) Singer 99-13 born in 1931

I lifted up my machine and found this bottle of oil tucked underneath.

I did some research and I found that my machine's birthday is October 6, 1931 and it was made in Elizabeth New Jersey at a factory called Elizabethport : )
Here is a great reference to look up your Singer if your have the serial number.
I found this on Sleepy Cat Hollow's blog : )

Santa visits the auction!

Santa made a surprise visit to the Sandwich Auction tonight!

There were prizes awarded and I won a poinsettia!
I bid on this Singer and got it for $10!!
It has everything...the instructions, bobbin, needle and even a key to lock the case, but no knee lever : (
I will have to check out Ebay!
It weighs about 50 lbs!!! : )
Not sure of the date....I think I need stronger Christmas Tree glasses!