About me : )

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, most people call me Beth : )
I have been going through a life shake-up and uprooted myself, my son and our cat Rocky from our condo near the ocean back to my childhood home. 
This blog depicts life past and present as I discover a new start in a place where for me, 
it all began. 
My interests include illustrating, photography, writing, baking and sewing (inspired by my super-creative sister) @ http://robinhillquilts.blogspot.com/ and any type of art project. I am inspired by books, bookstores (old and new) libraries and auctions.  
I love to see how others make their homes cozy by getting lost in the home magazines from England and watching my favorite movies over and over again, like ~ You've Got Mail and The Holiday. 
I love Cath Kidston, Susan Branch, tea and collecting heart rocks. 
I love Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!!