February Vacation snippets...

This vacation I am trying to take moments to rejuvenate my creative spirit and take mini vacations wherever I can find them... 
Several years now, on our way home from visiting our family in Vermont, (which was a very nice visit by the way : ) we come to this intersection in Brattleboro in which this store called Dragonfly stands.  I quickly try to take in all that I imagine is inside.  I am immediately taken by the Emma Bridgewater cups in the window.  We tried once before to stop but found parking difficult.  But this time, on our way home, we managed to find parking and take a step inside.
The store was very cute with such a nice selection of Emma's dishes and cups.  Honestly, I do not own any of her dishes but love them.  I remember years ago when I first saw her dishes I loved the one that said, Bubble and Squeak.  I waitressed with a girl from England who told me that was the name for leftover sausage and hash or something to that effect and that was the noise it made in the pan while heating up.  
What I do own are some tins that Emma's husband illustrated, as he illustrates all of her pottery.
Brattleboro has an Artist type walk the first Friday night of every month.  They feature different music and serve wine and cheese : )  It sounds like it would be lots of fun!
We only made it in 3 stores this visit with plans to visit 3 more our next time we are passing through.  

The Blue Blinds Bakery has been mentioned by me before but it is worth mentioning again.  It is located on North Street in Plymouth and it is such a cozy place to stop for a cup of tea or coffee.  I chose hot chai with pumpkin pie.  It was delicious.  The murals around the bakery are incredible depicting the history of the Plimoth (as it was once spelled).  The bakery also has a fireplace which really adds to the ambiance, but there were people sitting in front of it so I didn't want to disturb them : )

 Across the street form where I was sitting is a wonderful old bookshop.  It is chock full of all kinds of books and down in one corner I found a box of old "78's.  I called my brother to see if there was anything he would be interested in for his victrola and we took a chance on this one.  Looking forward to hearing it on a future family visit : )

I hope you too are finding time for mini vacations that bring you inspiration and respite : )

So nice to see the blue skies : )

I went for a drive before Church this morning and stopped to take a picture of this snowy driveway.  Imagine if this was what met you at the end of the driveway at the end of the day!  : )