In need of a shot of sparkle : )

I have been advised that having a sacred space will help me to relax and get into my zen place.  Whenever I get the chance, I take a drive and park to look out to what I have found to be my zen place.
The water was just so beautiful this morning (minus the blurry spot on my camera lens : (
So sparkly!  
The sunlight was dancing so quickly it felt like my eyes were getting a workout trying to capture all of the sparkles.

Now...On to my list of To-Do's : )

Choosing to embrace the unknown....

I have had the pleasure of working at a school that I have truly loved for the past 2 years.
Due to budget cuts my position will no longer be there for next year.  
I am heartbroken....

but so grateful and a better teacher for having the privilege of working at such a wonderful school with such supportive administrators, hard working teachers and creative and fun-loving students.

I have learned over these past few years when the unknown looms overhead,  I am so much better knowing what my options and choices are.
I asked on Friday what my fate was.
They planned on breaking the news on Monday...

but as I explained when I asked,
I am not good at the fork in the road. 
I am so much better knowing.

So this weekend as I get all my ducks in a row in my search for something that feels like home, fits like a hand in a glove or a mitten...or for now, even just a comfy knit cuff will do : )
I must remember that things always work out....

it is just this space in between that can feel a little unnerving

but today.....

I am casting my line out, taking things slow and steady, and choosing to embrace the unknown.

Happy Tuesday!

Busy day...late dinner...but I thought I'd at least make it interesting : )


Last night I went out with my friend Sue to talk about some possible big changes coming my way...then this morning I found this song entitled, "Frame The Clouds" by Christina Wells featuring Sara Groves (who Sue and I had the pleasure of hearing this past summer)   
  I thought the lyrics fit perfectly with how I felt last night trying to sort out my life...which is like trying to frame the clouds : ) with my good friend sitting across from me listening...
Thank you Sue!  : )

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I won a pair of Converse sneakers on a talk radio show and I was so happy to see that they were green when I opened the box!  Today was the first day I wore them to school in honor of Saint Patrick's Day!  My students loved them and I felt right in style with my middle school students!
We baked loaves and loaves of Irish Soda Bread to the sound of all the Irish music I could find (that were not pub drinking songs)!!  It took me hours last night to sift through the Irish selection on Itunes hoping all the while they would enjoy listening to songs about the Emerald Isle  : )   I knew I was successful though when a periodically throughout the day students in their kitchens broke out into a jig!
It was a good day had by all....I only wish I had planned ahead and had a corn-beef dinner waiting at home for me in the crock-pot!  Next year for sure!  : )

Who is happily celebrating his special day in Ireland today!