Choosing to embrace the unknown....

I have had the pleasure of working at a school that I have truly loved for the past 2 years.
Due to budget cuts my position will no longer be there for next year.  
I am heartbroken....

but so grateful and a better teacher for having the privilege of working at such a wonderful school with such supportive administrators, hard working teachers and creative and fun-loving students.

I have learned over these past few years when the unknown looms overhead,  I am so much better knowing what my options and choices are.
I asked on Friday what my fate was.
They planned on breaking the news on Monday...

but as I explained when I asked,
I am not good at the fork in the road. 
I am so much better knowing.

So this weekend as I get all my ducks in a row in my search for something that feels like home, fits like a hand in a glove or a mitten...or for now, even just a comfy knit cuff will do : )
I must remember that things always work out....

it is just this space in between that can feel a little unnerving

but today.....

I am casting my line out, taking things slow and steady, and choosing to embrace the unknown.


  1. Lots to think about Beth~so sorry to hear about your job~ believe it or not it is part of a greater "plan". Don't worry Dad has Gods' ear right now....♥ please call if you need me.
    ♥ E

  2. Thank you Eileen!
    Your words bring me comfort...
    I will call you soon!
    : ) Beth

  3. So sorry to hear this, Beth! Please know many above are looking out for you and many around you are rooting for you! Keep Connecticut on your speed dial if you need it...and please use ;P instead of :) if you need to...LOL
    ♥ Jacki

  4. Good luck hunting Beth! We're all with you...

    Anonymous Bob