Last night I went out with my friend Sue to talk about some possible big changes coming my way...then this morning I found this song entitled, "Frame The Clouds" by Christina Wells featuring Sara Groves (who Sue and I had the pleasure of hearing this past summer)   
  I thought the lyrics fit perfectly with how I felt last night trying to sort out my life...which is like trying to frame the clouds : ) with my good friend sitting across from me listening...
Thank you Sue!  : )


  1. Beth,
    Hope you get things sorted out to your satisfaction and they work out the way you want.
    Loved your green sneakers, sounds like your students had a blast! What a fun ST. Patty's Day!

  2. Thank you Rebecca!
    I know, I just love those green sneakers! : )
    We had so much fun baking and I actually played the Irish music on Friday as well with my other students who were baking the bread!
    I hope you had a nice Saint Patrick's Day as well!