Some books that I loved in 2012 : )

P.S.  l loved Silver Linings Playbook as well, but that was a library book (as are some of these and they are majorly overdue!  )  
One of my resolutions or goals of 2013....return library books : )

Snowballs catching up before they get sealed and sparkled!  : )

Christmas Stroll Yarmouth Port

Putting the finishing touches on my 
homemade candy canes and sugar frosted doughnuts with tea dyed Christmas tree tags
and one frosted snowball!

Happy Cozy Sunday to you!!  : )

"It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the YEAR!"

Need a little help getting in the Christmas Spirit?... 
The Yarmouth Port Christmas Stroll is sure to do the trick!!

My friend Sue's shop-My Creative Heart is "chock a block full"  (as my mother would say) 
 of wonderful one of a kind, homemade gifts for all the people on your list!!
Beautiful one of a kind stocking stuffers too!!

Hope to see you there!!!

The March Sisters at Christmas!! A visit to the Grafton Country Store on Small Business Saturday!!

The March Sisters which was filmed in Grafton is premiering tonight on Lifetime!!

It is a modern take on "Little Women" 
 Can't wait to cozy up to watch this!!

 Love this store!!

You cannot help but get in the Christmas Spirit here!!

I hope you are enjoying all of your favorite neighborhood shops today!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I wish for you all a day of grace as you give thanks!

My contribution this year was vegetables.
This seemed only fitting since I have been working part time at a neighborhood farm stand.

First on the list:
1.  Homemade Whole Cranberry Sauce.
I love whole berry cranberry sauce.  I know it is a preferred taste but I love it!
I use the recipe on the back of the bag from Ocean Spray.
I just saw on Oprah's page that she uses orange juice in place of water (as well as a few other ingredients)  So, there is lots of room for experimenting.

I love to hear the cranberries pop in the boiling sugar-water mixture!

Every time I make this, I think that I should do it more often because it is soooo easy!

2.  Roasted Delicata Squash

I first discovered this squash this year working at the farm stand.
It kind of looks like zebra stripes on the outside and they are fairly light in weight.
I discovered they look so pretty when cut and they are delicious!
I also loved that you do not have to peel them!!

It's fun to find new foods to prepare, especially during the holidays.

You can toast these seeds like pumpkin seeds if you wish.

They look like flowers when cut!

I cooked them at 425, flipping them after about 10 minutes and then cooking them another 10 minutes or so....
Here is the link to the recipe!

I also poured a little "real" maple syrup on them as well or you could sprinkle brown sugar too!

2nd ornament in Lizzy's "Sweet Treats" Holiday series!

Click on my Etsy Shop button above to order!!  : )
A sweet holiday treat with no calories!!

Time to make the doughnuts!!

Ornament #2 in my:  Lizzy's "Sweet Treats" Holiday Series!

Look for these finished doughnuts with Tea tags on Etsy later today!

Homemade Holiday Gift tag with candy cane ornament available on Etsy!

Ornament #1 of my:  
Lizzy's "Sweet Treats" Holiday series!

Tea dyed gift tag with 12" twine to wrap around packages, gift bags and gift cards
with an oven baked 2.5" candy cane ornament to adorn your holiday package!

Click on my Etsy button above to order!  : )

Homemade of my favorite things!

Flowers Power : )

When I came to a stand still today (waiting for things to be mailed) on my flower,
I started a NEW one for another project I have been PrOcRaStInAtInG about for a few weeks now!

I then finished the project today and got the necessary paperwork in mail in time for the postman!!!
Shocking!!  : )

I got an old pot I had, a skewer, some yarn from my mom, and a foam eraser for cleaning.

I put the foam eraser in the pot, wrapped green yarn around a skewer, backed my flower with card stock and taped my new stem to the back of it!

I was asking myself the question today of, "Why does this work for me?"

I then realized this concept works because,

whenever I want to do something creative,
I think about all the "paperwork" stuff I should be doing to get my life in order.

Then whenever  I am doing the paperwork stuff to get my life in order,
 I think about all the "creative" things I would like to do!!

This idea creates a fun balance between the two!

A little offbeat, but it works for me!  : )

I am hoping to have a beautiful bouquet of projects completed soon!!!

I hope you too, are making room for wonderful things in your life!!

Flower Power!!

I don't know what it is about this creative brainstorm I had about coloring a flower, but it seems to be working!!  : )

Step one...

What have I been avoiding?
(Big problem of mine....)

Today I went to a Financial Advisor at the hospital to figure out my insurance options while unemployed.
I told her my usual...."I feel overwhelmed" comment.
I seem to spirt that out to anyone who will listen : )
She (Brandy Ward) then said the funniest thing...

She said, "When you bury your head in the sand, remember what is sticking out."

Ha Ha!
I needed that! : )

I am a visual person.
I like to color.
The reason I am bringing this up is because I realize that I have to make these tasks in the "Get Ready" part of my life fun to tackle at least to help me accomplish them!

Mayi who I mentioned in my last post has a great video (check it out!) on her site about
"Touch it Once"
This meaning, don't tackle something unless you can accomplish it at that moment...don't pick it up...move it to another pile only to pick it up later to move to yet another pile.
I have consciously been making the effort to remember this though out the day and for so many things it is working great!

Some of my projects, for instance unavoidable paperwork, feels like it will take days to get I think
"Can't touch that today!!"
Well, I decided I need to break my big projects into smaller steps and that way I will have time to accomplish them and in the end tackle my end result.

So I came up with a doodle of a flower (visual)
and I am going to color in each section as I accomplish it! (My love of coloring!)

Now if you look at this flower you may (or may not) think to yourself...

"My Goodness...these steps are so elementary my dear!!"

And you know what, They are!!

Hey!  Whatever it takes to get it done! : )

This is just the start of my flower for updating my financial information for the bank for the sale of my condo.

I am pulling my head out of the sand and I am going to start coloring!!  : )

What creative ideas have you come up with to tackle things that are not your most favorite?

"Get Ready"....Get Ready...Get Ready ALREADY!!!

I found a great website if you are feeling stuck!

Mayi Carles'

Mayi is super spunky, has lots of creative ideas and is very motivating!
Her energy is contagious!

I was reminded from watching one of her videos how one of my BIGGEST challenges is

My personal mantra for thinking of self discipline is "Get Ready...Get Set... Go!"

 But, when I honestly think about that phrase, I feel like I am spinning my bicycle wheels in the sand...

So, my goal for now is to REALLY WORK on "Get Ready"and to acknowledge this step.

Because God knows, I have been wanting to BE Ready for a long time....

for what?
We shall see : )

I am opening up the space for possibility in my life! : )

Happy Tuesday!
I would love to hear who, what or where you go to get creative encouragement!!

Pumpkin Bread

I baked banana bread and it disappeared before our eyes....
We all enjoyed...
My son said to save a slice to put in the microwave....
I kept going back for a nibble...
What is left...

So, I am hoping by substituting will do the trick till I get to the farm to buy more ripe bananas.

I added a few pumpkin spices...

The batter was more like cake batter....may have added a smidge too much to be on the safe side I placed the batter in two pans....
Hopefully it won't be mushy or have to be baked for 5 hours!!

Hoping for the best!!
Hope you are having a great fall day!!  : )

Post Script...
They looked good from the top looking down...

but, I forgot the baking soda.
Flat as a pancake...almost...

Even so, it tastes pudding cake!

Now off to buy bananas at the farm to make my son banana bread!  : )