"Get Ready"....Get Ready...Get Ready ALREADY!!!

I found a great website if you are feeling stuck!

Mayi Carles'

Mayi is super spunky, has lots of creative ideas and is very motivating!
Her energy is contagious!

I was reminded from watching one of her videos how one of my BIGGEST challenges is

My personal mantra for thinking of self discipline is "Get Ready...Get Set... Go!"

 But, when I honestly think about that phrase, I feel like I am spinning my bicycle wheels in the sand...

So, my goal for now is to REALLY WORK on "Get Ready"and to acknowledge this step.

Because God knows, I have been wanting to BE Ready for a long time....

for what?
We shall see : )

I am opening up the space for possibility in my life! : )

Happy Tuesday!
I would love to hear who, what or where you go to get creative encouragement!!

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