My Creative Heart : )

One of my BFF's opened her dream shop Saturday!

My Creative Heart
411 Main Street 
 Rt 6A 
Yarmouthport, MA 02675
Owner:  Susan Pasillo

I stopped by Friday night to help out and took some photos and then sprinkled in some from my other BFF friends photos on Saturday!
Sue and I have been friends for over 10 years working literally side by side in our classrooms.  She teaching Art to middle school students while I taught Family and Consumer Science.  She has talked about opening a store for years and with the help of her super supportive husband, her dream came true.  She is so talented and her shop has such a fun and inviting vibe!
She features her own creative work as well as other very talented local artists including my
 other good friend Sue's husband, who is a great photographer and now has a great place to show off his talent.
It was so much fun to see my friends again and share our love of creativity and share lots of laughs!!
I am hoping to be able to put some of my own wares in My Creative Heart soon!

Please stop by if you are ever on the Cape.
6A was always my idea of a mental vacation....I could drive and drive and drive and I would get so inspired by all the shops along the way!

Enjoy this nice picture getaway with a cup of hot coffee or tea on this beautiful Fall Sunday morning....

I am off to work at the farm, so I don't have time to post details right now, but will fill in more information tonight when I get home!!

A cozy site from outside looking in! 

My other friend Sue took these pictures on sunny Saturday!!  So cheery!!  : )

When you open the drawers to this country hutch you are suprised by a pretty red interior!

Friend Tom Rourke with some of his wonderful photograph!

Sue's written and illustrated books just in time for Fall!

Beautiful beachy themed furnishings : )

Sue's brother made these great fishing creative!!

Sue's jewelry and paintings! : )

Sue's upcycled painted furniture matched with one of the shop's featured artists.

This is a collage portrait that Sue did....just beautiful!

This collage picture was one of my favorites  : )

Antique bottles to hang on the wall ready for fresh flowers!!  : )


  1. Beth these pictures are awesome and I loved reading your comments, you have such a big, warm heart...I could just hug you.

  2. Hugs right back to ya!! : ) I am very excited for you!!!