Step one...

What have I been avoiding?
(Big problem of mine....)

Today I went to a Financial Advisor at the hospital to figure out my insurance options while unemployed.
I told her my usual...."I feel overwhelmed" comment.
I seem to spirt that out to anyone who will listen : )
She (Brandy Ward) then said the funniest thing...

She said, "When you bury your head in the sand, remember what is sticking out."

Ha Ha!
I needed that! : )

I am a visual person.
I like to color.
The reason I am bringing this up is because I realize that I have to make these tasks in the "Get Ready" part of my life fun to tackle at least to help me accomplish them!

Mayi who I mentioned in my last post has a great video (check it out!) on her site about
"Touch it Once"
This meaning, don't tackle something unless you can accomplish it at that moment...don't pick it up...move it to another pile only to pick it up later to move to yet another pile.
I have consciously been making the effort to remember this though out the day and for so many things it is working great!

Some of my projects, for instance unavoidable paperwork, feels like it will take days to get I think
"Can't touch that today!!"
Well, I decided I need to break my big projects into smaller steps and that way I will have time to accomplish them and in the end tackle my end result.

So I came up with a doodle of a flower (visual)
and I am going to color in each section as I accomplish it! (My love of coloring!)

Now if you look at this flower you may (or may not) think to yourself...

"My Goodness...these steps are so elementary my dear!!"

And you know what, They are!!

Hey!  Whatever it takes to get it done! : )

This is just the start of my flower for updating my financial information for the bank for the sale of my condo.

I am pulling my head out of the sand and I am going to start coloring!!  : )

What creative ideas have you come up with to tackle things that are not your most favorite?


  1. Hi Lizzy! This is so recognisable, funny blog! I myself have certain things that look like a mountain to me. I'm looking for a job and I have to find the courage to keep going on, because is not going easy. I try to take a step toward this I'm scared about. And then I feel so good I even did this and it wasn't that scary after all most of the time. Just take the first step, the next one will follow, you don't have to see the whole stairs! :-)
    This Esther by the way. From CC. Good luck with everything Lizzy!

  2. Have been typing very fast, some words missing. But I think you understand what I'm saying. :-D

  3. Thank you Esther for your comment! I too, am looking for a job (another flower) !!! So I totally understand!! Thank you so much for following me!! : )