Flowers Power : )

When I came to a stand still today (waiting for things to be mailed) on my flower,
I started a NEW one for another project I have been PrOcRaStInAtInG about for a few weeks now!

I then finished the project today and got the necessary paperwork in mail in time for the postman!!!
Shocking!!  : )

I got an old pot I had, a skewer, some yarn from my mom, and a foam eraser for cleaning.

I put the foam eraser in the pot, wrapped green yarn around a skewer, backed my flower with card stock and taped my new stem to the back of it!

I was asking myself the question today of, "Why does this work for me?"

I then realized this concept works because,

whenever I want to do something creative,
I think about all the "paperwork" stuff I should be doing to get my life in order.

Then whenever  I am doing the paperwork stuff to get my life in order,
 I think about all the "creative" things I would like to do!!

This idea creates a fun balance between the two!

A little offbeat, but it works for me!  : )

I am hoping to have a beautiful bouquet of projects completed soon!!!

I hope you too, are making room for wonderful things in your life!!

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