Children's Art work LOVE!

LOVE the Cardinals!!!!

So cozy!!

One of the favorite parts of my job, and there are so many, is to look at the children's art work in the hallway.  The students work under the guidance of a wonderful art teacher,  Jen Hackenberg 
I LOVE the work they do!  
So special!
Keepsakes forever.
: )

Plimoth Plantation-Happy Thanksgiving!!

I love a good field trip!

Plimoth Plantation with the third graders!

The only time I had a 
"Calgon, take me away!"
 moment was when we were mid-way on the bus ride.
You have never heard noise until you have the opportunity to experience 
a 2 hour bus ride 
with elementary children!
Other than that,
A wonderful day with my 2 little friends.
: )

It was an absolutely beautiful day to explore.... 


One of my little friends had the map and led the way while my other little friend would stop often 
to see what type of plants were growing.

Helping William Bradford deliver wood...

William Bradford 
Beets in the garden.

Opportunity to pet a skunk at the Crafts Center

Wampanoag Village

Long House

 Lamb's Ear

October 24, 2013
: )

My favorite thing....


This past week, I had a particularly rough day.  It was one of those days when I felt depleted and defeated all before I got to work.  
I pulled into the parking lot,
parked my car,
and started walking towards the beginning of my work day.

I started to pay attention to what I was saying  to myself,
 all negative, 
and then thought of 
Lousie Hay 

and her advice on positive affirmations.

I then tried to change my self-defeating thoughts to something more positive.
I thought, I will think of something positive and write it down 100 times so it sticks.

All the while walking in telling myself not to cry.

As soon as I got into school, 
I saw one of my new little friends
who was on his way back to class after going to the nurse's office.
(He needed a belt, but he said she wasn't there.)
I told him to go back in an hour.
He exclaimed, "An hour?!"
I then said, "Maybe 15 minutes then."

He walked away holding onto his belt loops feeling a little more reassured.

I then saw a fellow colleague, and we chatted down the hallway.
She asked how I was doing?
I said "Alllll-right?" 
 wiping an escaped tear from my cheek as I walked towards my classroom.

When I walked in 
I was met with the students on the rug and a substitute in the room.

One student was at her desk and she said,
"Mrs. Steele, I have something for you.
She then handed me a dragonfly charm and said, "I remembered you liked dragonflies from last year."

Dragonflies have been a sign to me within hours of my father's passing.
They show up when I least expect it but when I need them the most.
This card was found by my sister in law months after my dad's passing.
: )

It was as if that child had handed me the hand of God himself.

I looked at it and couldn't believe my eyes.

I gave her a hug and asked the teacher if I could excuse myself and then went into the empty lunchroom and had myself a very good cry.

"There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers."
St. Teresa of Avila