Happy Thanksgiving!
I wish for you all a day of grace as you give thanks!

My contribution this year was vegetables.
This seemed only fitting since I have been working part time at a neighborhood farm stand.

First on the list:
1.  Homemade Whole Cranberry Sauce.
I love whole berry cranberry sauce.  I know it is a preferred taste but I love it!
I use the recipe on the back of the bag from Ocean Spray.
I just saw on Oprah's page that she uses orange juice in place of water (as well as a few other ingredients)  So, there is lots of room for experimenting.

I love to hear the cranberries pop in the boiling sugar-water mixture!

Every time I make this, I think that I should do it more often because it is soooo easy!

2.  Roasted Delicata Squash

I first discovered this squash this year working at the farm stand.
It kind of looks like zebra stripes on the outside and they are fairly light in weight.
I discovered they look so pretty when cut and they are delicious!
I also loved that you do not have to peel them!!

It's fun to find new foods to prepare, especially during the holidays.

You can toast these seeds like pumpkin seeds if you wish.

They look like flowers when cut!

I cooked them at 425, flipping them after about 10 minutes and then cooking them another 10 minutes or so....
Here is the link to the recipe!

I also poured a little "real" maple syrup on them as well or you could sprinkle brown sugar too!