Oh my gosh!! My list!! : )

When posting my New Year's list, I didn't really put anything small and easy to "tick" off as Cathy from "tinniegirl" says. (I love hearing people's expressions from other countries : )  I did leave number 11 open though, and I was thinking I should put something like, do the dishes or fold laundry for that one, so I could feel like I am at least getting something accomplished!!
But, today I decided to start purging, sorting and packing!  I read the other day something, (let's see if I can summerize this....) that if you start imagining that which you want to change, your mind will start to make the new connections as if you already did it.   So I imagined myself packing, and as I passed the man at the grocery store unloading bottles of orange juice, I couldn't help but notice all of the empty boxes before him.  I asked if I could have them and he loaded the folded empty boxes under my carriage.  Off I went, and it was not until I was outside in the dark snowy parking lot crossing in front of a lane of cars did they all decide to slide out in front of me!  Twice!!  Thankfully no one beeped and I got them loaded in my car and today I am going to put them to use!!  After I do the laundry and the dishes!  : )


  1. I'm rooting for you Lizzy!

  2. Thanks Mom! I need all the rooting I can get!! : )