A little piece of heaven : )

My first Country Living magazine from England delivered today.
A perfect snowy Friday night with my favorite cup of tea : )


  1. Such a pretty magazine~read slowly......♥ E
    I asked Kate last night on the phone "should I return my library book or keep reading?" She siad "Nana RENEW it!!" I said, "I can't~its too late" She said, "Read FAST!!" lol!

  2. Adorable!! We could learn a lot from Kate!! : )
    I just told Joe I have a few books on tape that are VERY overdue that I must get back today! I always feel so good when I'm all paid up! Clean slate! : )
    Only unfortunately to possibly do it again!! : )

    I love the afghan featured on the left page! (above) I saw one similar, with a lot of white used in between the granny squares, at Salvation Army! Looking at it in this magazine, I wished I had bought it!! : )