One of the most beautiful blogs....

(Picture from Lisbeth's blog)
While blog hopping, I found some blogs with Swedish inspiration that I thought my sister-in-law would like.
Then I found this one!!
It is absolutely darling!
That truly is the best word to describe it!
The pictures are so sweet!
Enjoy on this snowy Sunday : )


  1. Lizzy, (Is that what you go by?)
    I'm so glad you found my blog which in turn led me to yours! It's adorable and I am going to put you under my favorites! I think those pin cushion doughnuts are fab! I would think there's a market out there for those! I love the Swedish blogs, they are some of the most beautiful out there. Just finished scrolling thru past entries and you do a great job. Will enjoy checking back often!

  2. Lizzy,
    P.S. Have you checked out It is a great idea for getting your blog out there and seeing who else is blogging in nearby areas and states!

  3. Thank you Rebecca for your kind words!! I feel like at times it has been like I have the hick-ups with this blog...starting and then stopping! : ) But, I feel renewed with the New Year and am hoping to keep it up! In fact, now I feel like I am swinging in the opposite direction and blog hopping for hours and thinking of the next thing I want to post!! I loved your blog and it was perfect because you mentioned Swedish blogs which was what I was looking for! They are some of the most beautiful, as you said. Thank you again for visiting! I'll be by to see your blog often too! : )

  4. Hi Lizzy, Eileen sent me over to visit. I'll be back to read more soon and I'm looking forward to getting to know your blog.
    Happy days...Sue