Barbara's Banana Bread : )

Busy Saturday planned...Credit Union, Catholic Charities, chores around the house...
A friend of mine who moved emailed me to say that she had boxes if I needed them.  Since it is fresh on my New Year's list to pack, I thought it best I make the trip today to pick them up. 
I wanted to bring something to along to wish her "Happy New Home"so I thought I would bake some banana bread.  (Also on my list is to budget, so I am trying to be a bit more creative instead of running to the store to buy things I can't afford.  I think it has more meaning too if it comes from the heart or the kitchen : )

These eggs are from Laurie the Librarian at my school.  She just got chickens this summer.  I love when she comes to my classroom with a fresh dozen.

 The batter looked so bright with these fresh eggs.

 I just happen to have sour cream on hand from our homemade chili this week : )

This recipe, as you can see has been used a lot.  I actually love to see a cookbook with well worn pages or better yet, spills on pages.
A sure bet it is a good recipe : )
This recipe is from the cookbook, A Taste of Fenn

This recipe makes one large loaf or two small ones.

I had to loosely wrap the ends because it was still warm!
I will make it look neater when I arrive!


  1. YUM!!!! What a nice gift!! I have! Have a great weekend!

  2. that's just what I was going to say ~~ Yummie!
    What an inviting presentation~~~~~~~
    Have a great visit!

  3. This is a great recipe! It is delicious! I had to make one loaf for Joe. I thought it wouldn't be nice for him to wake up to something smelling good and then say he couldn't have any! : )
    It was freezing getting the boxes. MaryAnn had them in her garage and neither Sue nor I wore gloves/mittens. Thank God Sue came to help me though!
    Now to get packing! : )

  4. MMMmmmMMmmmmMMMMmmmmm......
    That would look good and taste good in Thompson!!! LOL

  5. I try to bake some for my next visit : )
    I was just thinking of you as I perused the items at the Auction tonight! You will have to let me know if you are on the lookout for anything specific and I can send you a picture and place a bid in for you! : )

  6. OK, you've convinced me. I'll try this one!! Love Eileen's post..haha