Doughnut Pincushions

I am a Family and Consumer Science Teacher at a WONDERFUL Middle School!  (Can you tell I love my job?!)  
One of the lessons in my curriculum is hand sewing.  My sister had made some doughnut pincushions  and I thought they would be a great project for my students!
I found directions here at Cut + Keep
I made these originally with my 6th graders, and not be very experienced sewers at this point, I was concerned with them sewing the doughnut holes because I found the angle in which you had to sew them was awkward, even to someone with experience.  When explaining this to my students one of the boys raised his hand and said, "What if we make Boston Cream instead?"  "Perfect!!" I replied with a smile.  This is one of the things I love about teaching, the creative input from my students!
 Also, you must put vanilla in the stuffing or soak the doughnut with vanilla bit before putting the frosting on : )
When my 8th graders got wind (of vanilla) of what my 6th graders were making, they too wanted to join in the fun.  My classroom was taken over by doughnuts and it really did smell like a bakeshop!
PS...We sewed the sprinkles on with embroidery floss with just straight stitches.
You could try french knots or even small beads.
I think the possibilities are endless!  : )
This one looked like it had a doughnut heart!  


  1. Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx

  2. You're so welcome! I feel so sorry for all of the people affected by the flood. But, your blog is cheery spot to visit and brings such hope and inspiration during these tough times!

  3. Beth,
    You know I love those doughnuts! I really love white also, but I can't give up my color! That store sounds wonderful, I've always wanted to visit Cape Cod. On my favorite list, check out Rustics and Roses. It's a friend of mine who had space in my store, who now has her own little shop and decorates in the white style that I think you would like.

  4. I will check it out! Do you still have your store? I have a question about an antique I have! : )