Thankful Thursday-Peace and Light : )

Today I took myself back over for a visit to Crompton Collectives.
Love that place!  : )

I spotted these two pieces on my first visit there, but waited until today to purchase them.
I recognized them right away, but forgot my glasses the first time I went and had to ask the shop keeper if he could read the name on the bottom.

He reinforced my hope that they were the work of Rae Dunn.

I went back today, and they were right were I left them!
I was so happy no one else had scooped them up!

I love her work.

I think you will too! : )

I love the extra added touch by Crompton's of putting curled music paper in each : )

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  1. How sweet! Can imagine you fell for them, so pure...
    Love from Mirjam.