Catch the Blessings!

My new Header and business card's Logo was inspired by a student I had in a Kindergarten class
the other day while substituting.  
I was manning the letter review table during Learning Center Time,
as the students rolled the die to see what letter it would land on and then pick out their favorite color crayons to fill in the matching letter on their worksheet.

As I watched,  I was sketching on the side of my paper 
her socks, striped stockings and purple felt shoes with flowers.

The scuffing of snow pants and clomping of boots down the hallway
 for recess with gloves and mittens tucked up inside colorful hats.
Smiles, and cheese sticks and feeding the class turtle...
So many inspirational blessing around....
when I pay attention 
to catch them!
: )


  1. Love it Beth! You make such sweet and cosy drawings....
    And those inspirational blessings are so important don't you think?
    They can really make my day to be honest ;-) !
    (By the way: So nice you joined my give away!). Love from Mirjam.

  2. Thanks Mirjam! I love your crocheted flowers!! : )