Show and Tell Tuesday-Business cards : )

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and I finally did!

I finally have my business cards!

My intention with these cards is to have them to hand out to businesses/shops that I would like to blog about.

I totally forgot to include illustrator or blogger under my name!
I was just so excited to be finally ordering them!
A must for the next batch!
: )

The printing I chose is a bit small, but all of my contact information is there.

If you need business cards at a great price check out Vistaprint.

You can use designs provided or provide your own, like I did.

: )


  1. I like them! I was looking at things on Vistrapint today. I can't read what the text exactly is on your cards; what is the business you're in? Illustration?

  2. Good question Esther!! : ) These cards basically have my email,blogger, twitter and Facebook addresses. My business is ....?? Not sure yet Ha Ha! I realized after I had them printed that I should have at least included illustrator!! My first priority in getting these is because I love to blog about other people's businesses. I wanted to have a card to give them when I ask permission to take pictures and ask to blog. My next go round I will have more specific information about what I do. That I am still figuring out!! : ) Thanks for your comment!! : )
    I will take a closer picture : )

    1. Ah, I can see the closer picture now :-). Sounds like you're on a journey to discover your business :-)! That's so good, that's how you discover what feels and fits you best. I'm on that yourney too :-).
      By the way, I love your sentence; 'finding joy in life's serendiptious moments.' My absolute favourite word and state of life/being/mind is Serendipity. Good luck on your journey and have fun on the way :-).

  3. How cool! Your own business cards! Of course all of your talents don't fit on one card ;-)
    They are so sweet... Love from Mirjam.

  4. I was thinking of getting some done as a few people in work have asked about my blog (I think to check up if I'm writing about them!!). Yours looks great and I love your illustration. Enjoy the rest of the week. Chel x