"Lizzy Loves" Mondays...

Lizzy Loves getting an Award!!

: )

Today I am happy to say that I am the recipient of 
I was nominated by
Pavinee Sripaisal

Merry Day 

who resides in Thailand!

(Don't you just love how the internet makes this world so much smaller!)

(We also became Creative Courage friends through Stephanie Levy's
Creative Courage Online Course.)

Pavinee is a talented artist with such cheery illustrations to inspire!  : )

Thank you so much Pavinee for your nomination!!
It really means a lot as I try to find my creative voice in life's journey!!

I would like to Pay It Forward by nominating blogs that I have found to be inspiring...
(and Pavinee's blog as a bonus!)

My focus is on illustrator's blogs because that is what I have been working on lately!
And it is my dream to illustrate and write children's picture books!
I hope you don't mind, but I picked 6 instead of 5.
I am inspired by so many of you!!

: )

Drumroll please....

1.  Priscilla Burris who has a wonderful blog called Priscilla Burris Illustrates.

As I stated on my facebook page, I don't know what I love better, what she writes or what she draws!
They are both so heart warming.

: )

2.  Esther Lankhaar who lives in the Netherlands.  She has journals filled with sweet illustrations and wonderful posts about her creative journey.

(She too, is a friend from Creative Courage!  : ) 

: )

3.  Heather Powers of Humblearts Journal
who I found from Priscilla Burris.

I love Heather's illustrations and especially like her 
"Tiny Studies"

: )

4.  Denise Hughes
Denise is such a naturally talented illustrator with the sweetest illustrations!!
She illustrates and writes from the heart.

: )

These next 2 blogs belong to well known illustrators and writers, but their blogs still qualified for under 300 followers!!
I was happy about that (only in the fact that I could swoon about them here and make sure you knew about them too!)

5.  Mark A. Chambers an award winning UK children's books illustrator and writer. 
I love his illustration style and he loves tea : )

6.  Peter H. Reynolds with the blog spot,  The Stellar Cafe
He has been an inspiration to me for years now with one of my favorite books
"The Dot"

I gave this book to my beloved Principal when I left my last job due to layoffs.
I thanked him for making me feel appreciated and helping me make my mark.
This book tells the story of this so simply yet so poignantly.
(Had to look up how to spell that word-but it fits!)

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter this year at a book signing in Dedham and he was just as nice as I had imagined!  
(I find this to be true of all the artists and writers I have met along the way)

: )

Thank you again Pavinee for the nomination!!
I am so honored!
And happy to be able to pay it forward!

I know I've posted this song before, but it always puts me in a good mood,
just how I feel when I read all of your inspirational blogs!

So here's to all of you bloggers out there!!
A song dedicated to you by Bill Withers : )

I hope you too, have "A Lovely Day"

: )


  1. Hi Lizzy (Elizabeth;))! Thanks again for nominating me for this award,I really like it so much you thought of me when your were making your list of 5 blogs! Very nice song by Bill Withers by the way, I like this kind of music so much;soulfull! You've been working on your blog too I believe, I see more pages next to 'Home'. I will take a look around, to see what you wrote there and to take a look around. My eye just wandered to your bucketlist.:-) I have that movie on my list to see one of these days.

  2. You are welcome Esther! This was fun to pick all my favorite blogs!! : ) Which movie are you referring to? You've Got Mail?? If so, that is my favorite movie!! : )

    1. I's called "The Bucketlist' with I believe Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. I haven't seen it yet but these are great actors, so it might be a good movie.

  3. Oh I get it! : ) I forgot about that movie! It was a great one though! I really enjoyed it! : )

  4. It seems to me that your blog is well deserving of the award!

  5. Thank you Vicki!! And thank you so much for following!! : )

  6. Congratulations on your award! I'm perusing your blog now and I'm off to visit the
    others that you nominated. I'm glad to get to know you!

    1. Jennifer, I love your blog and your illustrations as well....this award should let us nominate at least 10 others!!! : ) Thank you for following!!

  7. More blogs to follow! Nice to get to know more people of like-minded :D