"Everything is Copy" Nora Ephron

Sunday's Musings with a Cuppa : )

(Picture taken at "Seek Your Course" Workshop in Northhampton MA)

Good morning!  or Afternoon or Evening!
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One thing I love to read on other bloggers posts are a list of links of things that interest them.

So here is my version : )
Today I am going to talk about some authors, music and a great artist I just found!
Enjoy : )


I love Nora Ephron.
You've Got Mail,
which was written and directed by Nora,
is my all time favorite movie for so many reasons.
I loved Nora's attention to detail and her sense of humor : )

One of her famous quotes is,
 "Everything is copy"
 which she was told by her mother, 
"Take notes."

I was so sad to hear of her passing last year, but it makes me appreciate her words even more.

Here is a wonderful article written by her son about her last days.
It is posted in The New York Times Magazine.

also, here is a great link to so many of her beloved quotes.
I have one of my favorites on the side of my blog.
Nora Ephron Quotes 

: )

The picture above, of the typewriter keys, was taken at a workshop in Northhampton MA last year.
Jess Greene was kicking off her journey across the country to promote her workshop
Seek Your Course
She recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post about all of the wonderful teachers and artists out there in social media and all the opportunities it affords us...

: )

 Some great music I found this past week.
I love each of these selections for different reasons...
This is just a sample of their work....they have lots of great songs!

First up:
The Avett Brothers
Love them : )

February 7

First Aid Kit
Two sweet sisters with a song that I had to find after I heard it on WBUR in my car.


And my final musical selection for today is:
Lavender Diamond with singer Becky Stark

I Don't Recall

And to wrap up my musings...
here is a great artist I found who owns
Reclaimed and Salvaged
He is super creative and inspirational.
I really like his honesty
and I think you will too : )
Check out his video here....

Check out his facebook page and the great giveaway he has right now too!
(Which gave me the inspiration for me sharing my new favorite music with you!)
P.S.  His work/wares can be found at Crompton Collectives which I blogged about a few posts back!

: )


I am so grateful for all of the encouragement and inspiration I find online.
 I am happy that I can share what inspires me with you!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Dear Beth, what a nice post! I'll have a look at all those links... :o)
    What a great idea to share those things... I also like to see what other people favourites are! Have a wonderful Sunday, love from Mirjam.

  2. I've just popped over from Lazy Daisy Jones and glad I did, what a nice way to find out more about you. I will take a proper look later. Have a great day. Chel x

  3. Thanks for your comments! : ) So happy to have you as blogging friends : )
    Beth : )