P.S. Happiness Day and First Day of Spring

This is what I did today for International Day of Happiness : )
I feel like I kind of cheated though, my mom (Tut Tut) did all the hard work.

She says she likes to stay behind the curtain while I go on stage.

: )

I dropped off these adorable little blankets to our local animal hospital.

My mom crocheted them with the extra yarn she had in her basket.

The girls at the desk loved them and knew the animals would to!  

This animal hospital holds a special place in my heart.

When my dear Rocky got sick this is where we brought him and unfortunately had to put him down.
They were so kind as I went through a heart wrenching goodbye.

They made a special keepsake that day that I picked up a few weeks later.
I keep it on my special shelf with all the things I treasure.
I can't tell them how much this meant to me.

It felt good to give back!
: )

Hope you had a chance to spread a little happiness today!

Rocky smelling the fresh air : )


  1. Oh my.... That is so very sweet....those prints... What a lovely thing to have to remember your Rocky!
    And those blankets are really pretty! Indeed very nice to be able to give something back.
    And a happy first day of Spring! Love from Mirjam.

  2. Hi Mirjam! I know, it was a such a thoughtful gesture at such a difficult time.
    Happy Spring to you too!! : )