Plymouth Farmer's Market

Yesterday I enjoyed a trip to Plymouth and a visit at one of my favorite farmer's markets.

Plymouth Farmer's Market is now located on the grounds as you enter Plimoth Plantation.  
(That too, is a wonderful place to visit!)

I love to see people take their passions and turn them into a business.  
I love how you can get to know the people who make the bread, ice tea, and cookies that you love so much and who grow the vegetables and fruits for your salads and dinners and desserts.
It makes everything so much more personal.

(One of my favorite place, Blue Blinds Bakery : )

And....with my love of rocks, I loved this booth!! : )

I love the wave of new food trucks!!  This one was so whimsical and homey!  
Next time I would love to try one of their creative beverages!

I scrounged  around the bottom of my pocketbook and found $2.00 for a delicious molasses cookie!
(I was trying to hold the camera in one hand, the cookie in the other....hence a bit blurry!!

As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw two women talking, one with her woven basket with loafs of french bread piled along side each other.  I imagined she was going home to her ocean breezy cottage with company arriving soon.  
Such a fun way to spend an afternoon!  
Chatting with friends, supporting your local business all while listening to local musicians serenade you as you shop!  
: )


  1. Looks to me that you are doing a lot of thie things that I would love to do. Thank you for documenting it well and making it looks so wonderful. It has been a great reminder to slow down and enjoy.

  2. You're welcome!! Thank you for your kind thoughts!! : )