Field Trip : )

I am signed up to take a class at the Worcester Art Museum this summer!  I will post about it soon!
I took a trip to the Museum to sign up for my class and became a member.  
I placed the sticker on the back of my Toyota. 
 Looks like I need to wash my car!  : )

This is right outside of the Museum!  
Beautiful!  : )

 I should have taken a picture of the description of this piece of art!  
It was several (looked like televisions) all displaying visual movies.  

 I was drawn to this because I love figurines...always collected them as a child.  

This is the description that went with it.

 I thought this was an interesting portrait.
It is fun to imagine their story! : )

 (Sorry, this is a bit blurry!)

And to top it of my favorite things....a library!  Right inside the museum!  : )


  1. Helens husband was the first president of the Worcester Art Museum.....Her Dad owned Bigelow carpets.....

  2. I didn't even realize whose picture I was taking!! I just liked her portrait! Interesting! : )