Plymouth Farmer's Market : )

Today I met up with my friend Sue to pick up the furniture from the Flea Market that wouldn't fit in her car yesterday!  
After we picked up her tables we popped over to the Plymouth Farmer's Market.

I love connecting to the people who sell their wares.  
It makes it so personal knowing who's chickens laid the eggs for your organic omelet, who's bees made your honey, cutting lavender from your patio purchased by a local gardener or knitting a scarf knowing the farmer who spun and dyed the wool.  : )

Queen Bee Honey Products-Pembroke MA
My friend Sue bought this Bee Pollen for me.  The sales girl said to sprinkle it on yogurt, cereal, put in is said to give your energy!  I will let you know!  : )
They also sell delicious favorite is the lavender honey!

I bought my eggs and yarn from West Elm Farm which is also in Pembroke.
The farmer who sold me the eggs also spun the wool from his sheep on his farm.
Meeting him and seeing his beautiful yarns inspired me to take out my knitting needles again. : )

There was a girl singing in the tent down by the ocean... : )


  1. Firstborn GamacheJuly 21, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    Love that yarn!!!

  2. He had the most beautiful yarns. Don't you just love that color! : )

  3. Your pictures are wonderful~I feel like I was there! Lovin' the yarn!!♥E

  4. Beth,
    Farmer's market, how fun! The color of that yarn is gorgeous! Love honey and have heard about the bee pollen, let us know if it works! (I need all the energy I can get)!

  5. It's so funny, I am reading your comment about the bee pollen and realized I only used it once! Thanks for reminding me!! So, starting tomorrow, I will start using it faithfully and I will let you know how energetic I am feeling!!
    : )