My shiny kitchen sink and Paris : )

Due to my feeling a bit overwhelmed with life changes lately, I was referred to "The Fly Lady" at
  What I loved about her and her site was she had the word CHAOS which she said stands for "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome"  Bingo!!  That is how I feel!!
  So, starting with baby step # 1 clean you dishes and shine your sink, I dug in.  
(I realize, if you have read my blog before and are now thinking, "I have heard this all before....this Lizzy is on this eternal quest to get organized") is true.  It is as if I keep falling off the clutter wagon and am looking for the program that will help me get back on...but for today, if you suffer like me, : ) The Fly Lady is worth checking out! : )

So, I did all my dishes....(broken dishwasher) and shined up my sink...

and then headed off to the movies!  I saw "Midnight in Paris" at the Cape Cinema.

I got there just as it was about to my hot coffee and oatmeal cookie and was told that there was a balcony that I could go up onto since many of the seats were taken on the main floor.  It was a perfect place to sit with not many people up there and no one to get in your way of vision.... 

I liked the movie and the ambiance of the theater so much I stayed for the second showing of it!  This time with a cup of coffee and dark chocolate raisinettes.  (sp?)  Great movie...some of the characters were over my head but it was so clever and I loved the sites of Paris : )
If you love classic literature and Paris,  you will love it too : )


  1. I just know I want to see that movie!~~ haven't been for years.
    now I'm about to shine up my sink with "Sun and Earth' citris power and a little elbow grease
    thanks for the inspiration Beth!
    Love you

  2. I really like the "Flylady"!!! I am going to go and shine up my sink right now!!! Very inspirational!!!

    ♥ Jacki

  3. I know! Isn't the Fly Lady great!! Today I am starting with Day 3. Can't wait to see what's next! : )