Shopping day in Wickford RI with one of the most patient men on the planet. : )

Where we started the day....The Wickford Diner. You can sit at the counter or in a booth. Delicious breakfast! : )

This is the window of the Mermaid's Purl Knit Shop. I wanted so desperately to take a picture of how beautifully the buttons are displayed in the shop, but was too shy to ask if I could!! There was such a colorful assortment of beads, yarn and buttons! Can't wait to go back with a project in mind. : )

This is the cutest little garden shop called, Jules. The owner is a painter, photographer and interior designer. Very cute things inside and very affordable. : )

Such a cute quaint town to shop and eat. Can't wait to visit during the holidays!!
And, I'll ask to take a picture of those buttons! : )

PS....I forgot a very important fact, It has a beautiful waterfront too!

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