Getting organized....

I have accumulated things since forever. I have a few memories of my room as a child being neat with my collection of favorite nicknacks placed exactly where I wanted them on my shelf and my stuffed animals all comfortable on the rocking chair in my room. But, for the most part, I remember my room being a disaster and it has remained that way through college as well as adulthood. I remember my mom contemplating when I was little whether to get me a rug or a long winter jacket one Christmas. My brother said, "Why don't you get her the jacket because she will end up throwing it on the floor when she's not wearing it and it will serve both purposes!" lol
Today, I live in a 2 bedroom condo with no basement and no place to hide from my stuff! I have been feeling like a prisoner of all of my things as I try to navigate around my home, in and out, around and over, the time has come, I have got to get organized.
A few weeks ago, I went to the bookstore with a gift card in hand to search for a new book on getting organized. I came across a bright blue book with rubber ducks all in a row called, One Year To An Organized Life by Regina Leeds. I sat down with a cup of coffee to preview and as I read page after page, I thought this is the book for me : )
Regina gives you a year to make changes so you can "plan carefully and never once be overwhelmed." That is exactly how I have felt lately, overwhelmed...where you wonder how on earth can I begin to tackle all of my stuff and you give up before even trying...Well, with her book never far from me I have begun the process of tackling my life's accumulations so that I can feel free from clutter and more open to being creative (which I miss) and most importantly, ready for company in a moments notice : ) I am tired of saying, I would have you over but my house is a disaster or telling my son if your friend comes over you need to stay outside because the house is a mess...
My neighbor came over the other day to drop of cans which my son and I redeem for fun money and she peeked in and said, "Oh my?!, cleaning out??" I was so embarrassed!! All of our stuff, my stuff, from my last job, my car (which is being repaired) is in my hallway and unavoidable as you look in our door. These days are over! I am determined! There is so much I look forward to as tackle my clutter.
I truly look at this as taking a class in getting organized. Because I am changing lifelong habits I really need to visit what Regina says daily. She encourages you to have a journal, answering questions about why you think you operate in the manner in which you do etc...She also tells you to get a calendar and create a "dream board" in which you put pictures of what you want your home to look like....
Here I go...hope all this good information sticks : )


  1. Dear Lizzy,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words here. I hope my book continues to guide you to that place of peace and calm you wish to create.

    Never be ashamed! Projects get quite chaotic when you are in the middle of a purge or organizing jag. It's the nature of the beast. You just continue on and enjoy the journey.

    If you have any questions for me, don't hesitate to contact me directly at

    Blessings and victory!

  2. Thank you so much Regina!
    I hope to make you proud : )