"I am in the book business" (Kathleen Kelly-You've Got Mail) and I too, would heart to be : )

One of the best new-old purchases I have made this past year is my beloved 
Vintage schoolhouse wooden "Ingento"paper cutter.
I purchased it from La Chic Vintage Closet 

I have always loved a good paper cutter, and there is nothing like a vintage one.
They are heavy and solid, and I just love the look of them!  : )

I took a class at the Senior Center (where I have been volunteering) on how to make this book.
I have been having fun improvising and adding my own touch.

Sell them on Etsy?  Maybe!  : )

: )

Pictures from my friend Sue's shop
: )

Sending good wishes to a friend....

Oh the possibilities!  : )

Happy Weekend
to you....

aka Lizzy : )


  1. Lovely book Lizzy/Beth! ;-) And I love that old paper cutter very much!!

  2. Ciao Lizzy ti scrivo dall'Italia in Grosseto. Ti ho trovato dalla Possibilitarian Tribe e mi piace molto il tuo blog con le tue creazioni. Hai messo delle belle foto ampie e le scritte sono molto romantiche.. penso proprio che tu sia una persona dolce e generosa

  3. Oh beautiful cutter. I have just a common one. I took handmade book class twice. One in college and the other a few years ago. It's really delicate job but can make you so proud when finish one :) Beautiful book you made here :)

  4. Ciao Margherita!
    Grazie mille per il vostro per i vostri gentili commenti!
    Grazie per aver visitato il mio blog voi!

  5. Thank you Pavinee!
    I am really have fun making them and will post more soon!
    Happy Weekend! : )