Artist's Date: Winter Farmer's Market : )

 Today was a wonderful day for a ride down RT 20 to Russell's Garden Center and their Farmer's Market.
I forgot how large Russell's is and how many wonderful gift ideas they offer in addition to the wonderful Farmer's Market!

I was very excited to see on the sign as I drove in that there was a baby sheep.  
These 2 were quite the hit!  : )

A great way to warm things up with an outdoor pizza oven!

It was such a great atmosphere for the market.  It was nice and warm inside with so many beautiful plants to look at in between booths!

Winterberry Farm is located in Leverett MA.
I found out today that there are many towns in Massachusetts that I have never heard of!

I absolutely loved the colors of all the yarn at Winterberry Farms booth...(I love that name too!)
It looks like a crayon box : )

She had adorable angora bunnies whose fur she used for spinning as well.

Moonshine design has the most beautiful colors as well. 

They are from Colrain MA
another town I have never heard of!   

There were baskets of beautiful mohair socks!

Another great booth was
Good Karma Farm

They sell wonderful felt covered soaps that you can find here:

This is what I purchase from the booth of E and T Farms. 
The man who sold this to me explained how it is processed to make it creamed (like peanut butter) but I could not repeat the process to you if my life depended on it.
I love honey, so I thought this might be 
a fun way to eat it! : )

This is a great way to spend a Saturday during the winter months...
Here is the link and you can sign up for their newsletter here as well!

and here is their facebook page....

and a video they posted of the market!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Nice blog, I especially like the picture of the colored wool.Makes me happy when i look at all these colours in de that box.