Excavation of Self : )

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So far, 2013 has been an inspired year of exploration. 
A type of archeological dig of my brain, heart and spirit of sorts.

Inspiration has serendipitously brought about resources to put in my tool bag as I dig.

The process of digging brings about so many emotions...
joy, enlightenment, discovery, creativity, 
but also discomfort 
as I recognize things about myself 
that are hard to look at, 
but must be looked at, sifted, brushed off 
brought into the light.

For the most part, I feel joy for what I am finding along the way...
what interests me, what am I good at, what motivates me
But with all of this information the 
 one question that has risen to the surface over and over is, 
"How can I be of service?"

A wonderful website that has crossed my path is:
and here you can find places to volunteer even if you only have a few hours.

Also, there is a link to 52 ways to make 2013 a year to volunteer.
Here, they give ideas every week in case you may feel stuck on how you can make a difference.
From: CMDS

In the times that I have felt the most unmotivated during this life transition, I have found that volunteering has given me such a good feeling.

A feeling of purpose.

I highly recommend it.

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