Field Trip to Salem : )

Yesterday I got the chance to go to Salem with a good teacher friend of mine.  We had lots of fun and laughs!  Missing many exits from talking so much with so much catching up to do!

I don't think I have ever been to Salem before.
It was very interesting.
We went to see Ansel Adam's exhibit of pictures with water.  

We then went browsing around and I found the most interesting bookshop.
I thought this looked like something from Harry Potter in Diagon Alley...

It only gets better inside....

I asked the man....(now try to picture this....piles of books on either side on a counter....about a 8"wide opening between very tall piles and the clerk (very nice by the way) sits behind the opening on the other side of the counter...
I asked him if I could take pictures.
He said if I made a purchase I could take all the pictures I wanted.
I only had 5 dollars in my pocket so I chose carefully.
I ended up buying a children's picture book to use as a reference for what I am working on.
After I made my purchase I asked, "Now can I take some pictures?" And he basically said, take all the pictures you want!  : )
Lots of people frequent this shop from what I could see.
It was amazing!

I just found this on Google......

You can see a picture of the man behind the stack of books that I was trying to describe!  : )

Definitely worth a peek if you are ever in the area.  Just hold the top of the stack as you gently pull the book from the bottom....if that is where you favorite book is located!  : )

We ended the day going to a great place for lunch!
Thanks Maria for treating...since I only had 2 dollars left after my book purchase!

View from my seat!

O'Neils Pub - Delicious!!

Cajun Chicken wrap and coleslaw!!  : )

Oh and one more thing....
I discovered this wonderful artist at the gift shop at the Museum.
Loved this!!

KOCO New York

Happy Sunday!!  : )

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