My heart belongs to Titcomb's, but this is also a bookshop to treasure....

As we were getting ready for our trip back to Massachusetts from Vermont my brother told us about a bookstore he came across on his way home from work.  He gave us very good directions to it and my mom and I began our trip home crossing through New York.  I told my mom it felt like a real big adventure passing through an additional state line!  : )  I think I need to get out more!  : )

The bookstore is in Hoosick New York.  I said that sounds like a town in Dr. Seuss' book : )

We passed the bookstore as it was tucked in lots of lush plants, but noticed "Big Moose Deli and Country Store" on the left so we knew we were in the right area.
Down a country driveway we went and as we parked we saw a very tall man with a straw hat coming our way from  his home.
He then let us in his store filled with books!

The owner was very kind and knowledgeable about where all his books were located.
He asked if we were looking for anything in particular and I suddenly thought of my beloved writer and director  Nora Ephron.
He knew that she had just passed and he brought me to where her books would be located.
He could not find any.
He then went off to his other collections and returned with this one...

I was kind of embarrassed by the title, like I had written it myself...
but was so happy to have one of her books : )

We poked around and I then found this book...

I love Glady's descriptions of the seasons and I thought how enjoyable to read the letters written back and forth by her and her dear friend.

I could have stayed all afternoon....

The owner told us we had arrived at a good time because most people were sleeping in or at Church.

Soon we were on our way....
down the beautiful back country roads of New York...
with a few more books to add to my collection.

I would love to come back to visit this bookshop during every season
and next time stay a little bit longer.

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