Where inspiration meets my heart rocks...

Lots of changes have been going on in my life this past 8 months...but, I feel that I am shaking off lots of things and am beginning to emerge from under the rubble.  
I am so excited to be a part of Stephanie Levy's online e-class called, "Creative Courage"
One goal I have for myself is to get my blog up and running again...so today, as I begin my blogging again, I am combining Stephanie's inspirational words with my love of doodling and my beloved heart rocks.

Have a wonderful day....  : )


  1. I love your doodle with heart rock :) Very true sentiment... You can stray away from your heart, but you will be called back, you know? :) Good for you, picking up blogging again! Looking forward to what you'll be sharing!
    (over from CC :))

  2. Thank you Yvonne! Now, I just need to relax and let it come from my heart! I love our class...so inspirational! Thank you for you post!
    Beth : )

  3. Lovely! I'm sure you will enjoy every bit of Stephanie's course. i sure did! Twice :)

  4. Thank you Koosje!
    I love the feeling of community! : )