Special delivery

Thank you Tom and Sue for sharing your garden's tomatoes!

Love these!

I just discovered these products last year from a woman at work. They work great, are non-toxic and smell terrific. The all purpose cleaner smells like tangerines and the glass cleaner smells like oranges with a touch of vanilla.

I am not going swimming today

I have reached that weight when I stop and say to myself, Ok, If I keep going, I am going to be at the weight I was when I gave birth to my son 14 years ago : )
(And, at that time, I had gained 50 lbs!!)

I am at that place when I think, "Ok, enough."

I told one of my friends,
when it comes to my weight,
when my stomach looks like (what I call) "the bum in front" (lol!!!)
the time has come for me to do something!!

I have been at this place several times before. This time I am trying to apply all that I have learned so far and combine it all together.
Eat heathy.
Drink lots of water.

The other night I was at the gym, looking at my chubby self in the floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirror, and maybe because I was dressed completely in grey, (which must have subconsciously brought to mind the thought of cement), I thought about the artist Michelangelo, and how he sculpted beautiful figures out of marble. .
I wondered what my ideal figure should look like under all this chubbiness. Not to be a perfect beach body per se, but the healthy happy body that is full of energy
that I was intended to have without an aching back (from the bum in front) lol!!
So this is my quest.

With inspiration from my brother Blog who has inspired me with his own success and, additional advice from my oldest brother, who told me reverse psychology has worked for some-telling yourself that you are not going to the pool or you are not going to the gym, but merely putting on your suit or workout clothes.

So far it has worked for me.
I have worked out and swam 11 times in the last 12 days.
The one day I missed I was having tea and toast at my hairdressers : )

Honestly, I am not seeing the results on the scale as quickly as in the past, but I know that if I am in this for the long haul, and for my overall health, the scale is just one piece of the pie...(with vanilla ice cream : )
So, I am not going to let it discourage me, but will continue to chip
away at this cement one day at a time : )

One of my summer's passions....

I have been shopping for my fruits and vegetables at farm stands this summer
and at one of my new favorite places,
farmer's markets : )
Of all the markets, I visit the Plymouth Farmer's Market the most.

This swiss chard is from Web of Life Organic Farm from Carver, MA.
They have a booth every Thursday at the market.

I have never eaten swiss chard before. It tasted a bit like spinach, but not as bitter.
I sauteed it with olive oil and sprinkled it with salt. : )
The colors of the leaves and stems were so beautiful!

When I can't make it to the Thursday Market then I catch the one on Saturday morning.

This is Blue Blinds Bakery's Organic Four Seed Spelt Bread.
I tasted it last night for the first time at my hairdressers.
It was dinner time and I was starving and Diane (my hairdresser) was going upstairs (her shop is in her basement) while I was under the dryer with my hair covered in foil.
She asked if I was hungry and if I would like some tea and toast.
It was the best toast I have ever had!
I went right to the Blue Blinds booth today at the Farmer's Market and was so happy to see there was still a loaf left!
This is pre-peanut butter. It truly is the best toast ever!!

My mom and I went to this farmer's market in Londonderry Vermont on our way to
The Vermont Country Store.
What a nice place to stop for lunch : )

Check out what farmer's markets are close to you!!

Happy Breakfast on a rainy morning

Eggs from Bull Frog Acres in West Wareham,
Homemade Brown Sugar Wheat bread made by Honey I'm Home in Plymouth.
I purchased these at the Plymouth Farmer's Market which is held every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning in Plymouth, MA.
Tomatoes from my friends Tom and Sue's garden.
Smiley Toast's eyes from Kashi : )
Orange Juice compliments of Tropicana.
Dishes a great find from mom at the Weston Book Sale in Weston Vermont.
Have a happy day!

Love is....on a rainy day : )

I love Cath Kidston and was so happy to have the chance to visit her store in New York a few years back. I went on her website and requested a catalog and was so happy to get this in the mail....it is more like a magazine and it's free!
To request a magazine go to www.cathkidston.com
Now for the wish list : )