Happy Breakfast on a rainy morning

Eggs from Bull Frog Acres in West Wareham,
Homemade Brown Sugar Wheat bread made by Honey I'm Home in Plymouth.
I purchased these at the Plymouth Farmer's Market which is held every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning in Plymouth, MA.
Tomatoes from my friends Tom and Sue's garden.
Smiley Toast's eyes from Kashi : )
Orange Juice compliments of Tropicana.
Dishes a great find from mom at the Weston Book Sale in Weston Vermont.
Have a happy day!


  1. Looks Yummie!
    Love your dishes Beth
    wish I lived next door

  2. That is such a sweet and happy breakfast~Lovely moments you are having before going back to the grind!!! Enjoy every.last.moment!!!

  3. Love your blog Beth! You make everything look so tempting. The organic four seed bread looks like it's worth every penny!
    Love, Mom

  4. Beth,
    You are so talented, creative, brilliant!!! You should be making money using these ideas...you need to be discovered:-)
    I'm glad I'm lucky enough to see your work before you become famous...