One of my summer's passions....

I have been shopping for my fruits and vegetables at farm stands this summer
and at one of my new favorite places,
farmer's markets : )
Of all the markets, I visit the Plymouth Farmer's Market the most.

This swiss chard is from Web of Life Organic Farm from Carver, MA.
They have a booth every Thursday at the market.

I have never eaten swiss chard before. It tasted a bit like spinach, but not as bitter.
I sauteed it with olive oil and sprinkled it with salt. : )
The colors of the leaves and stems were so beautiful!

When I can't make it to the Thursday Market then I catch the one on Saturday morning.

This is Blue Blinds Bakery's Organic Four Seed Spelt Bread.
I tasted it last night for the first time at my hairdressers.
It was dinner time and I was starving and Diane (my hairdresser) was going upstairs (her shop is in her basement) while I was under the dryer with my hair covered in foil.
She asked if I was hungry and if I would like some tea and toast.
It was the best toast I have ever had!
I went right to the Blue Blinds booth today at the Farmer's Market and was so happy to see there was still a loaf left!
This is pre-peanut butter. It truly is the best toast ever!!

My mom and I went to this farmer's market in Londonderry Vermont on our way to
The Vermont Country Store.
What a nice place to stop for lunch : )

Check out what farmer's markets are close to you!!

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