What I am reading: I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

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I would love to share with you a new book I am diving into one toe at a time!

I Quit Sugar  by Sarah Wilson

It is a beautiful book with wonderful recipes and lots of information if you (like me) are interested in eating better.

I am starting off slow, as Sarah suggests.
I am enjoying shopping for new ingredients, (some I have never heard of before?) and putting them all together into something delicious and nutritious.

I purchase most of my ingredients from Wegmans, because that is my grocery store, and they have a great selection, also my local health food store and local farms.

I am new to eating good foods often.
My goal is to find recipes that I love so I will want to eat them as much as I love to eat cookies.

A great lunch idea...
inspired by Sarah

Marathon Bread (from Wegmans) toasted
with avocado,  fresh tomato (from Indian Head Farm) and a poached egg.

Post Script:  I have to share with you my awesome find on my next blog post for the best way to hull an avacado!

I am new to avocados.

Many say how easy they are to peel and remove the pit etc...
but I found this awesome tool that did it all lickety-split and I love it!!

Next...here is a recipe that Sarah suggests you try the first week.
I am really having so much fun!

Picture from;  I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

This granola is so tasty and and fun to make.
One ingredient that was optional and new to me was
Brown Rice Syrup.

Lundberg Family Farms

Brown rice syrup is very thick like honey.

I baked my granola for 35 minutes but forgot to mix it up while checking on it.
It might have cooked quicker had I done that.

The kitchen smelled devine!

As soon as it was slightly cooled I topped it on some fresh fruit.

I purchased a cute jar (made in Italy) to put my homemade granola in!  

Purchased at Wegmans

I lifted up both sides of my parchment paper to make a sort of a tube and it slipped right in my jar!


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