Up, Up and Away....

I recently found out about a job opportunity that looked like it might be a match.  It matched all that I had been in the past with a little of what I was loving in my present.  It matched a schedule I was used to and it provide a salary I had, in the past become accustomed to.
I applied, and although some/a lot of it was outside of my comfort zone, I continued to pursue it.
I realized that I would have to muster up lots and lots of energy for the responsibilities it entailed.  Where would all that energy come from?  Well, I thought, it would just well up from inside me.  The salary is substantial and I would need to show them I am worth every penny.
This job I knew would have taken every thing I had to give and more.
I would give it my all.
In the end, I did not get the job.  Someone with more experience got it.

In my head..."Yeah!  I am so relieved."
I immediately thought...What do you really want to do? And the answer came...

I want to write and illustrate books for children.


I could use all that energy, I knew I could muster

 to give to the calling that is tugging at my heart.

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