Catching up….Winter Weekend Musings

Hello there....
I hope this post finds you well.
Here are a few things I have been doing lately.
: )
I have really been enjoying being part of The Documented Life Project.  My journal is getting chunky, and I feel like I have only yet begun.  It is nice to have a place to keep track of things but also have it contain bits and pieces of your dreams and beliefs and experiments with new art mediums.  

With this journal, I told myself that I am not going for perfection.
So, it kind of takes the pressure off as I start something....
I just go for it and then live with the results....even if it is not exactly what I had intended.

I sewed a little journal in a pocket to write down inspirational things I hear or read.

A groovy doodle I saved turns into...

a groovy March envelope for receipts.

I have really enjoyed this winter.
It has had all the elements that we imagine when we imagine New England Winters.

Ice skating on ponds, a crunchy coating of ice on top of inches and inches of snow...

The kids at recess are having the best time ever, bundled up in their snow suits and sliding down slick worn down snowy hills.

At night
I have been enjoying reading a favorite children's book, The Willows in Winter by William Horwood, illustrated by Patrick Benson.
I love children's literature...
and my new glasses!
(purchased at Christmas Tree Shop)
: )

I love, love, love the illustrations and the writing is so cozy!

....and here, to share with you
are a few hearts I have found along the way....

I hope, you too, have found some joy this long cold winter.....
I will leave you with this beautiful, inspirational video I found on You Tube....
Happy Weekend!
Love, Lizzy
: )


  1. Lizzy I came here via the paper love blog hop, I love all the winter goodies on your site and best of all it is snowing, amazing!

  2. Thank you Lou Lou! I LOVE books too!! : ) I can't wait to spend some time on your blog as well!! : )

  3. Lizzy, I noticed that I had an 'old' post in my news feed and came to investigate. I needed to watch that clip on Gratitude, thank you for sharing. Your page is just fun to look at - visually and content wise.