June Inspiration...and another clue on our journey : )

Welcome June
with your days
of longest daylight hours
: )

I have been so thankful to have been substituting this past month at a wonderful elementary school.
(and therefore too tired at the end of the day to blog!!)

I feel inspired the minute I get out of my car and see the busses pull up 
with lots
of little 
energetic people.

A few days this past week were rainy, but as I walked down the hallway it was lit up so bright and colorfully with these adorable bird creations from the first grade class.

The students have a wonderful Art Teacher, Ms. Hackenbury

So many of us at school comment on how we want to frame every piece of work that goes home with the students from her classroom.

Whatever most people end up being when they grow up, 
it is very likely something they liked to do when 
they were six or seven.

I just re-read this quote last night and thought about great teachers like Ms. Hackenbury, and so many of the wonderful elementary teachers I have had the opportunity to meet and who are planting seeds of inspiration every day to help so many find their passions.

: )

Do you know what I LOVED to do when I was six and seven? 
Play school/teacher, write, draw, color and TALK a lot!

What did you love to do when you were about six or seven??
(another clue : )

As you ponder this...
here's a peek at more of these adorable birds....

I love the pockets and the glasses!  : )

And for more creative inspiration : )

Here is a link to the students Fantastic Printmaking Art Show this year and the work inspired by Ms. Hackenbury's art classes.

: )

Happy June!!


  1. Those birds are so very funny! So nice to see that they are all so different! I can believe that those children give you lots of fun and energy... Enjoy! Love from Mirjam.

  2. They do! They have great stories and make me smile and laugh every day! : )

  3. Hi Elizabeth! When I was seven I drew.....not a surprise I think ;-). I"ve been missing your posts, but you were busy teaching :-)!