Life to date....

Saying goodbye to a school I will always hold dear  : )

Getting all my ducks in a row for the next chapter...
putting our condo on the market.

I was too embarrassed to take "before" pictures of all the boxes in this room from our attic.  My son's friend thought maybe he could earn his upcoming Eagle Scout Award cleaning out our home.  
(He was just kidding but that is how bad it looked!  : )
Much cozier now!

Sometimes all I need is some good advice and a hot cup of chai (Starbuck's) when I start to feel overwhelmed.
(Wonderful book by Daphne Rose Kingma)
...and dinner with my brother and his wife while my son and his friends enjoy a day at Six Flags.
(Payback for helpng me get all those boxes out of the attic, redeeming over 500 cans (from our neighbor) which were stored in our outside closet, and for helping with the trips to Catholic Charities  : )

Now onto the hallway and our bedrooms and maybe a catnap.  
: )


  1. I'm very impressed Beth! Looks soooo homey! Wish I lived closer
    Love you, Mom

  2. Beth,
    your place looks adorable! On to a new chapter, how exciting! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures and new places!

  3. Thank you Rebecca! I like your positive attitude! : )
    Sometimes I get a bit super-overwhelmed by the whole process but,
    you're right...New adventures!...New places!
    Thanks again-I needed that! : )