I Gnome you are the one for me!

My handsome nephew and his beautiful fiance got this married this past weekend in Vermont.

The festivities started Friday night, but I planned to arrive Saturday for the wedding 
so on Friday I got busy with a project that I found years ago on 

Weewonderfuls is one the first blogs I found years ago when I first discovered the land of blogs!!
Hillary Lang is a talented artist with a wonderful blog with wonderful patterns to choose from.

My nephew has a fun personality and has been "gnome" to take a few in his travels, but only to return them later with photos of all the fun travels they had!
So when I saw this pattern for Mr. and Mrs. Gnome, I had to buy it!

I have to say these were even more fun to make than I thought!
It reminded me of Colorforms!!

Remember these!!

: )
I pulled out my featherweight and my favorite sewing basket from
A Christmas gift from my creative sister!
I love it so much I keep the tag on! 
: )

and the fun begins!

Actually when I cut out all my pattern pieces and got ready to start the first thing it said on the directions was

"Here we go..."

and that is exactly the frame of mind I was in!

Getting ready for some test stitches!
It has been some time since I have sewed!

I added my own touch of ribbon to Mrs. Gnomes outfit : )

Mr and Mrs. Gnome ready for the trip to Vermont!

I will blog about the trip to Vermont soon and share with you the beautiful Bed and Breakfast I stayed at and a beautiful store to poke around at right next door!!
Happy Weekend!
: )

"I am in the book business" (Kathleen Kelly-You've Got Mail) and I too, would heart to be : )

One of the best new-old purchases I have made this past year is my beloved 
Vintage schoolhouse wooden "Ingento"paper cutter.
I purchased it from La Chic Vintage Closet 

I have always loved a good paper cutter, and there is nothing like a vintage one.
They are heavy and solid, and I just love the look of them!  : )

I took a class at the Senior Center (where I have been volunteering) on how to make this book.
I have been having fun improvising and adding my own touch.

Sell them on Etsy?  Maybe!  : )

: )

Pictures from my friend Sue's shop
: )

Sending good wishes to a friend....

Oh the possibilities!  : )

Happy Weekend
to you....

aka Lizzy : )

Blueberry picking at Indian Head Farm : )

Today is the anniversary of when we lost our dad.

It was 5 years ago today.

Time has sure flown by.

Last night, as I said my prayers,
I wondered how I could honor my dad today.
Many things came to mind 
but then I thought about blueberry picking at Indian Head Farm in Berlin.

My dad and I used to bike ride, and one particular bike ride was all the way to Bolton
...all through the back roads

...the beautiful backroads of Berlin and Bolton.

Along the back roads is Indian Head Farm.

My dad told me that it was run by the Wheeler's.
That being our Sir name, 
I always felt a connection to this farm.

My dad also loved nature.

So I thought this would be the perfect place to go to reflect on my memories of my dad.

I showed up 5 minutes before picking ended...
Not what I imagined...
I imagined getting up early and being there at 8 am....

But they let me in and told me to take my time and I had a wonderful time picking....

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. Wheeler.

He helped me pick for awhile and told me not to worry about the branches, but to pull them right down to get all the berries, they were strong.

Mr. Wheeler
Indian Head FarmsBerlin MA

They provided me with a  bucket that I hung around my neck and before long it was filled to the top!

 There was an abundance of blueberries!
I think I am going to go back tomorrow
so that I can freeze and have fresh blueberries for next Fall, Winter and Spring!

The lush green reminded me of Brambly Hedge by Jill Barlem...


My feet after I was done picking!

I love colorful rubber boots but wonder where would I wear them?
I know, blueberry picking...

©elizabeth a steele

: )

On my way back as I steadied my bucket of blueberries in my car on my ride back to the store, I stopped to take some pictures around the farm.

It was a lovely way to spend the early afternoon today...
thinking of my dad.

The only thing that would have made it better
is if...

I rode my bike to get there.

: )

Dad in Ireland

I love you dad!