Sunday night dinner and music.....

I was happy to find

The Gluten Free Goddess

If you too, are looking for alternative healthy recipes,
you will not be disappointed with this site!

Tonights recipe:  Irish Cottage Pie

Tonights music:  Thankful by MaryMary

I especially like this song:

Can't Give Up Now....

for whatever you are going through...

I realize if I had thought this through a little more I could have picked some Irish music.
But, I was thinking more of Sunday worship music, and MaryMary is great worship music!
 : )

You can tell by the way the sun is going down that it is finally Spring.

Cooking in my moms kitchen is so much easier than mine.

It has plenty of room to get around and is fun to clean up!
Imagine!  : )

6 Red Potatoes
I realized after I made this that I should have kept the skins on....
next time....

1 lb ground turkey....with some olive oil, salt and pepper....

3 carrots...I used 4 : )

 2 leaks....still getting used to these.
This is the 2nd time I have cooked them!

4 garlic cloves

1 cup of peas....
mine got a little rambunctious!

Cook the potatoes until fork tender....
(These are drained and tossed with some olive oil and salt and pepper)

Add leaks and garlic cloves to turkey

Add carrots....

Add peas....

(I don't know if my niece will remember this, but when she was about 5 and I was about 13, on vacation at Cape Cod, we went into a candy store.  There were so many choices.  She bought candy called peas and carrots.  It looked exactly liked diced carrots and green peas.  
I remember thinking that would not be my choice.  
I didn't really care for vegetables....even ones made out of sugar...)

I am happy I am a bit more adventurous with food now!

P.S. She has grown up to be a great mother with the best kids who love vegetables!

Add roasted tomatoes...
You may have to ask for help finding these like I did.
It is fun finding new ingredients that you never used before! 
: )

I used Merlot wine "The Path"
Some for me....some for the recipe : )
1/2 cup 

*Wine glass from Nashoba Valley Winery : )
A great place to go wine tasting!

Raw sugar and balsamic vinegar

I used the spices I had ....  
The recipe calls for a few more.
The cinnamon is a nice touch!
: )

Put in a casserole dish.
I used a pie dish. 
: )

Top with potatoes...
Bake at 325 for 25-30 minutes 
: )

Bon Appetite!  : )

: )